Saturday, May 20, 2006

Imaginary friend

I know it must be great to have an imaginary friend to take with you through to adulthood. If there's one area of life I think people should take full responsibility, its adulthood. Its a bit like driving a car. Once you have the wheel and you drive at speed, you've got to know when to take the corners, when to apply the throttle and when to step on the brakes. The analogy is for religious people to take control, instead of thinking they are asking for advice from their imaginary friend.

Nobody is there to do that for you, but yourself. If a good, considered decision has been made, don't thank god, thank yourself. Don't need to pray to someone else to give thanks. Take the credit.

When addictions of any kind rear their head, some people 'turn to Jesus'. What they are doing, without knowing it, is finding some inner strength inside themselves. The search for strength has nothing to do with anything, or anyone else. If these people would learn to believe in THEMSELVES and not the crutch of religion, they would have found more self-worth and be better people.

Believing in an imaginary friend that doesn't actually answer back is a sure sign that theres nothing there. Why do so many people have trouble working that out?

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