Saturday, May 20, 2006

Door to door

I'm gonna get on my high-horse again now.

If theres one thing on this planet I cannot stand, its the religious freaks that come round preaching their crap door to door on a Saturday or Sunday. The mormons, Latter day Saints, the Seventh Day adventists. They tried to enlighten me one day, (and I love a religious debate), and they ended up having to cut me short and say they had other houses to go to, and they had to run along. Off they trotted.

One other time, in fact the last time, I've seen them in my street (strange, that), they arrived the day after a particular bomb went off and killed quite a few people. It was obvious that the battle between religions was behind it. (Its behind a LOT of stuff). I told them to turn around and get off my property. 'Damn cheek, going round selling religion door to door after whats happened! Go get a grip!' [etc]

Made me feel good anyway. As I say, I havent seen them lately.

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