Friday, February 02, 2007

Further thoughts

Since the attention of the Western media at the moment seems to be leaning towards putting more 'anything but Bush' stories up, there is also more focus on Atheism. Careful guys. Tread very carefully.

Many bloggers have mentioned also that if we are not careful, the whole backlash will collect our honest mutterings and throw the lot out as loony hogwash. It may look like an uprising by 10% of youth, re: 'Blasphemy Challenge' and all, but be careful that the highly-sought-after audience with Fox's Rush, O'Reilly and others, as well as Nightline doesn't send the Religious Right into too much of a spin.

Remember, we're not out to kill anyone. Its clarity of thought and reason we're after. And there's not too much of that out there, as you know.

Just wait three months though. We'll be out of the news and we won't be able to do much to get anyone's attention anymore, cos we're old news.

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