Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Takes its toll


I'm beginning to lose friends with this atheist thing.

One kinda flew off the handle about it just last night, on Christmas day. OK Late in the evening in a beer-infused debate about what atheism was about. He thought it was 'death-obsessed'. I tried putting him right about it, and kinda knew that even though he was not a god-fearing type, his ideas about his agnosticism and my athiesm did not have to correlate and that we could talk politics, environment, life and conspiratorial theories just like we always did, without having aligned religious agendas.

I look forward to seeing him again to make sure we're still on track.

This has panned out in the past with my father, a staunchly religious man. He has his beliefs, and I don't have mine. I always get uptight during Christmas cos all my relatives (totally wonderful people) are fairly religious and I just can't go along with it all. I just say, 'Happy Solstice', or 'Happy Pagan Festival', and I try not to exchange gifts. I'm just called 'weird', but not to my face, but my wife calls me 'Grinch', of course.

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Mojoey said...

For some reason, people don't like to hear about atheism. Friends leave, people shun you, and others tell stories. I take it as part of baggage others carry about atheism - in other words, it no longer bothers me.