Saturday, October 21, 2006

Personal contempt

This is a personal blog, so it meanders.

The school I attended for my secondary education was full of the craziest guys [segregated, catholic ... say no more], who would gang up and bully me into a rage, til I was also throwing punches. Teenage boys can be such bastards.

Just having a think about how my atheism used to be a quiet vindicating movement, an area of my thoughts where I could go to understand the pure physics of nature, the cold hard facts of scientific research. I'm not kidding.

So I was a serious science fan. Still am. I remember in a Year 9 class, I had the opportunity to go up the front to explain, on the class blackboard, how gravity works. I illustrated what mass was, how it operated, at the subatomic scale. I then pulled back to explain, centrifugal force, how satellites orbit, then how planetary systems meld together, and back even further to galactic groups. It took the entire class time and at the end, I must have impressed the class cos they stood up and applauded.

The elated teacher, a christian brother, asked if anyone minded if he give me an A+, then made an unannounced speech. He said along the lines of "Here we see the working of our Lord. How can anyone now refute the handiwork of such an immense power'. Another round of applause. But I was just too stunned to say anything at all. I am dumbfounded why I didn't say anything at the time, but he completely destroyed my presentation. Oh, how I wish I'd asked him to explain himself in front of the class too. He knew what he did. We never spoke to each other again.

I have nothing but utter contempt for the catholic church. For many, many other reasons plus that. That was a political manouevre worthy of Bush or Nixon.

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Anonymous said...

Horrible. What a scumbag.