Tuesday, July 25, 2006

What's going on!?

It's the followers of one or two brands of fundamentalist crackpot religions (Christianity and Judaism) slagging off the followers of a similar late-comer. This conflict will not go until mankind has the bravery to stand tall without leaning on the coward's crutch - religion. It will not end until we recognize a brotherhood to humanity, regardless of what fairy tale you choose to believe is real. It's right wingers versus right wingers and, as usual, civilians get in the way and lose their lives.

The sadness here is with those who are blind to the certain moral equivalence. A Christian or Jewish life is not worth more than an Islamic life. Taking a life is wrong, regardless of the motives. Defense might sound like a legitimate reason, that's why the word is chosen. It's spin. Killing in self defense allows the killers (and their apologists) to sidestep the moral responsibility of their actions. Two wrongs don't make a right, terrorists committing heinous crimes shouldn't be given the encouragement of legitimate armies committing heinous crimes.

Naive? Perhaps. At least I'm not an apologist for murderers.

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