Sunday, March 26, 2006

Political environment

The 'environment' doesn't judge people. Humans do. Scientists and green groups have been warning that this was going to happen, for decades. But they have been dismissed by the politicians and media brokers for decades.

Now that the weather is truely turning, and the balance of icemelt and total climate change is not only inevitable, proven, but is also showing itself daily to be the case, even the politicians are becoming nervous. Do your own research on that. NASA scientists have been gagged, CSIRO scientists muted, most likely others that we don't hear about. Human civilisation has truely changed the Earth. We've been walking into this situation blindly for more than 200 years.

Like rabbits in the headlights, we shouldn't have strayed onto the road in the first place. The 'environment' is far too big to turn back to an even keel now. With the developing world [China and India] going gang-busters, and the two major Western guzzlers [USA and Australia] not even signing the Kyoto protocol, what chance is there to pull back on the reins?

Media monopolies haven't allowed this urgent message to get out for decades, as they have money in oil/construction/advertising. It is in their interest to keep political fear and consumption at it's peak. I'm saying nothing new here. Many, many people have been writing this for years but their message hasn't been acted upon. As I said, the environment doesn't think like a human. It doesn't judge, it doesn't gagg. I hope I won't be judged for saying this, but as scientists have been trying to tell us, the environment is now reacting, to hundreds of years of human interference.

My advice? Don't blame anyone. It's bigger than us all. Change the way you live your life. Looking long term, for your grand-children? Go buy a place in the mountains. Think globally and act locally. Telecommute and get used to it. But be sure, we are in for a major century of weather.

Any thoughts?

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